Landscape 39 by Chris Harnan


Landscape 39, Oil pastel and Pen on Paper by Chris Harnan

Size: 60x80cm
Print: High-quality digital Print, CMYK
Paper: Müller Satin 230 g/m2

These selected prints are part of a larger collection of drawing studies attempting to create a visual language for Michal Turtle's music. Guided by Michal's rhythmic sensibility and the layered, primitive sound of his soundscapes, the studies were created by entering into a sustained process of repetition - developing the imagery through long strings of instinctive, uninterrupted decisions. As the series of drawings developed, they moved in and out of stages and eras; some developed large bodies of space and some developed borders and separations. The study attempted to allow for this to happen with as little disruption as possible, allowing for growth but also disintegration and destruction, and a constant state of evolution.